This is a site for my session (WOR 420) at the 2007 Filemaker DevCon---remember this is Mac only 'cause it uses AppleScript!

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DevCon Session
How Your Computer Can Do Anything a Graphic Designer Can (Apart, of Course, From the Talent)

Session Topics

This is the code from the session
Basic stuff to get us started
Create and maniplate text and graphics.
Useful snippets of code to do stuff.
Business Cards The beginnings of a solution to create business cards

The other side of the coin, as far as the session goes, is the
graphic rather than scripting/programming side.

Phwoarr mate!
This is bloody art, innit? Sophisticated like an' modern an', well, bloody arty---inna sorta crafty way that is.

Stuff about that can be found at......