//at least it was originally!! RichardElGuru
For longer than I like to think, I did in-house development, first at Cornell and then at JCPenney. This section of the site started (in 2007) as merely a convenience for attendees at my session at a DevCon.
I'd actually forgotten about it, but I retired, sort of...
I mean I have to find something to do!

Even though I strongly suspect that I really have retired, I am certainly open to the odd bit of development or consulting...

You know, just to keep in shape.

The other side of the coin, as far as the session goes, is the
graphic rather than scripting/programming side.

Phwoarr mate!
This is bloody art, innit? Sophisticated like an' modern an', well, bloody arty---inna sorta crafty way that is.

Stuff about that can be found at......

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