First there was the BBC---the Before Before Cornell, "but that was in another country, / And besides, the wench is dead" though actually there were any number of wenches, and for all I know they are all well alive, if not actually alive and well! And anyway it hardly counts, being before my'ElGuru' part existed, even before it was found necessary to create it.

BC proper is, like Gaul, divided into three parts.
1. Rochester Institute of Technology.
Mucking about with Genigraphics and Macs and stuff. I even had my own offset printer.
One of the highpoints of this was the guy I helped move from Linotype hot metal setting straight to a Linotronic 300. Talk about culture shock!
I also taught high school kids programming (Basic on Apple IIs to my shame and horror). Other stuff too, but since this was the later 80s I can't and probably shouldn't remember.
3. Nazareth College
I was their micro-computer specialist, on PCs, Apple II(-ish) and Mac! Did some teaching too.